In today’s world we find ourselves so over stimulated and have our minds go through so many things every day it is getting harder to find real peace and quiet. I don’t know about you, but I always got the feeling I had to escape somewhere away from everything and go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to find some peace.

Well, I really hope I could pack up and go to that quiet place anytime I wanted to but #reallife and kids and work and stuff make it less of a possibility and more of a genie in the lamp type dream ( anyone else obsessed with the new Aladdin movie?). So, I got to thinking how I could find that peace without having to “go” anywhere and go back to what home used to be, a place to reconnect and find some peace. The answer was staring at me, make a Private Retreat at home!

In order to do that, I made a list of 5 steps to follow and make sure this space becomes the best it can be for you:


 1.     Go on a Pinterest 1 hour binge

Yes, I confess I am a Pinterest addict when it comes to the first or “Dream it” phase. It is such a pleasure to get lost on those beautiful images and start dreaming of what that special place could be. Why the time limit? well because I don’t know about you but I could spend 5 days straight browsing through outfits and makeup and funny cat memes.

Start by creating a board that will only hold those dream retreat spaces. Call it whatever you like, but make it something that sounds great to you. Mine was called Sweet Escape (yup I’m a 90’s girl J)

Some keywords to try : relaxing spaces, cozy corner, relax home or checkout my Relaxing Spaces Pinterest Mood Boar


2.     Find the perfect Spot

Ok now it’s time to come back to earth and see which spot or room in your house could become that special relaxing retreat. It can be anything from a corner in your living room to your bedroom, it can even be your balcony (if the weather allows).

It’s important to make sure this space has at least 2 of these:

-Natural light

-A noise shield from the rest of the house (more important if you have little ones)

-Don’t have anything in it that stresses you out when you see it (anything from a family calendar to a wall that needs fixing or a squeaky chair).

– A comfortable level of light (for this case better less than more)

Lastly, and please don’t underestimate this part, before picking go and actually stand in the spot or room you think may be the one and take a few breaths and make sure you feel good in that space ( I could really get into all the woo woo stuff I strongly believe in but that’s a whole other blog or 100) for now just trust me on that!!


3.     Create your Own Mood board

Ok after all that dreaming and finding the place it’s time to get to planning, so for this step you need to find any tool that lets you put pictures on a white sheet, or you can always print and put on a cork board if you want. I recommend Canva, it is such a great resource and really easy to use.

The point is to add to this blank sheet of paper all those things you pinned (or chose from any source) that can actually work in your space both size and budget wise. I mean we all would love a pond with the big Japanese fish with the coins in the bottom, but I think that unless you have a big house and you’re looking to remodel that won’t be a realistic option… but a cute little fountain like the one below may do the trick!


4.     Trust your Inner Designer

Ok if I generally stress how important it is for your space to feel good to you first, for this one it actually ONLY needs to feel good to you (and a little to your SO if you share a room and you picked the bedroom). You know yourself best and the only award you should want to win in it is the “chilliest human alive prize” or if you prefer “Zen Master”.

So, do you like dark colors? Go right at it. Love Crystals (don’t we all?) just buy a couple, or maybe you’re the minimalist kind and would be happy with a soft rug and throw pillows and a bookshelf.

Remember this space is meant to make you feel good, relaxed and at peace with yourself. You have the wisdom within yourself, you can do it! And if you need reinforcement I am here for you!


5.     Get to work ASAP

This seems obvious but after a ton of soul searching I have found it is the most difficult step, at least for me. We dream and we plan but when it comes to the actual buy do phase… we start making S**T out of why we should hold on or wait until (fill in the blank with your excuse), So my point? Don’t. Just use the momentum and energy you feel after doing points 1-4 and just do it girl! Even if its buying that one candle or crystal.


To help you out, I have actually added a checklist for you to download reminding yourself of these steps and giving you a list of 25 things that you could bring into your Relax Space, how about that!!


Before I say goodbye, I really want you to stop for a minute and think how important it is for yourself and your loved ones to give from a full glass and have that space to go to that connects you with yourself, you little cabin in the woods, but right at home.


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