Marvin Leventhal, of Boca Raton, Florida, and Chief Heart Officer & Creator of, an online art gallery, had been working as a professional in streaming media services and sales for the last 35 years.

Always charitable, Marvin had been thinking of a way to raise funds to donate to various non-profits. He took a leap of faith;  left his job, and took his germ of an idea with him.  It came to fruition last week with FH2A’s website launch and participation in the juried Artists and Charities Hand in Hand Fine Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center, November 2-3, 2019.

Why an art show?  Marvin’s idea was to sell original artworks by jurying established and emerging artists and photographers.  With about 5 artists, FH2A began to sprout, and along the way, the various artists had such great chemistry, they came up with the idea of calling themselves the FromHeart2Art Collective. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it is no wonder that this family came to be.  Marvin defines his title as Chief Heart Officer, befitting his manner.  He is naturally warm and approachable, and he is highly intuitive  when it comes to finding and nurturing his troupe.

Explains Leventhal, “Although we are an online gallery, it was a wonderful experience to be in the Hand in Hand Art Show which aligns with our Mission Statement. By donating a portion of the proceeds of every sale to a worthy nonprofit, our presence at the show raised over $120 for St. Jude’s Children’sHospital.  We raffled one of our sculptures, Urban Wagz and the winner was Linda Kirsch of Boynton Beach, Florida.

The same artists who created the sculptures also displayed for sale their large scale paintings, the perfect backdrop for the sculptures.  The photography, too, was as eclectic as the paintings and complemented the puckish sculptures.

FH2A also sells high end leather accessories and jewelry based on their designs. For more information and to see FH2A’s catalog, please visit their website at


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